Made In Britain, Artists of the 21st Century
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Contemporary Masters from Britain
80 British Painters of the 21st Century
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Anything Goes?
Pub. Art Bermondsey, text by Anna McNay

Contemporary British Painting 2016
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Pub. Platform A Gallery

Merge Visible, Charley Peters
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Future Now
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Jerwood Drawing Prize,
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North South Divine, text by Kate Brindley, Director of Mima
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Frightening Albert, text by Paul Carey-Kent
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John Moores Painting Prize 2010
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Travelling Light London>Venice Biennale
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Salon Art Prize catalogue 2010
Pub. Matt Roberts Arts

Affluenza catalogue 2009
Pub. Affluenza Exhibitions Org.

Solo show reviews

For ‘Apocalypso’
Saturation Point by Annie O’Donnell

For ‘Frightening Albert’
Contemporary Art Society, Hobson’s Choice, Paul Hobson
Roves and Roams, Anna McNay
Spoonfed, Kate Weir
Jotta, Francesca Brooks

Group show reviews

For ‘Black Squares’
Saturation Point, Clare French

For ‘North South Divine’
Contemporary Art Society, Hobson’s Choice, Paul Hobson